A Broken Language, a Crippled
Debate, and the Gift of Art

Launching the Discussion

The curator admits to having certain opinions about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, developed over decades of study. What these opinions are will become obvious to visitors to the galleries. No apologies are made or implied; in any interesting conversation, participants will have their points of view. At the same time, the curator does not claim any special access to the truth, does not endorse any particular plan for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and will not resist persuasive argument.

This exhibit is not intended to establish an immutable position, but rather, to initiate a long-overdue national discussion. It is meant to test the value of art as a Middle East education resource. Ideally, visitors will come away from this exhibit with a deeper understanding of the issues, greater sensitivity to perspectives held by others, and new appreciation for the value of art as a resource for strengthening democracy.

Daniel Walsh
Liberation Graphics
November 2003



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